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Connecticut Winter Deer Repellent Services | DeerPro Application | Deer Removal & Control

Damages to trees, shrubs, and turf, which are incurred by deer browsing can pose a significant challenge to Connecticut property owners. At Tick and Turf, we understand the costly damages that can occur due to deer. We offer Connecticut DeerPro Winter Deer Repellent services to ensure complete coverage and protection for all elements of your landscape. DeerPro is a commercial deer repellent application that can only be administered by a licensed professional and is the sole deer repellent that is approved by the EPA. The team at Tick and Turf has been trained on the correct use and application of DeerPro and is available to assist you in protecting your landscape from deer.

Tick and Turf offers a DeerPro deer repellent treatment service in Connecticut which prevents deer from eating your valuable landscape. Our deer repellent applications discourage deer feeding by installing an offensive taste and odor on the surface plants and turf. You can reach out to us for a no-cost consultation and we will arrive at your location to implement a deer management and treatment program that is customized to best suit your property. We service the following and surrounding towns of Beacon Falls, Branford, Cheshire, Guilford, Milford, New Haven, Oxford, Prospect, Southbury, Wallingford, Woodbury, Fairfield, New Canaan, Newtown and beyond!

Each winter, deer cause a great amount of damages to landscapes throughout Connecticut. If you would like to protect your landscape from deer, you can contact the Connecticut winter deer repellent professionals at Tick and Turf. Our DeerPro applications will effectively protect your landscape throughout the winter season and is the longest lasting deer repellent available. An application as early as October can provide you complete protection throughout the winter season and into the spring. You will not be required to hire us to reapply in the case of snow or ice accumulation.

Contact Tick and Turf today at (203) 232-7285 for a no-cost consultation and estimate. If you are seeking Crawl Space Liner System Installation in Stamford, we recommend Advanced Basement Solutions of Connecticut. Our experienced team will listen to your needs and work with you to form a plan of action that will keep deer from feeding on your trees and landscape.

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