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Connecticut Tick Spray, Treatment, Control, and Lyme Disease Prevention

Tick and Turf of Southbury, Connecticut is a family owned and operated full-service landscaping installation and maintenance company that specializes in tick spraying and pest control. We utilize both an organic tick spray and conventional tick spray approach to our Connecticut tick removal services and are dedicated to providing the most environmentally protected and the yields the greatest results possible. Ticks are a constant threat to anyone in the state of Connecticut, throughout towns such as, Oxford, Fairfield, Monroe, Newtown, and Ridgefield, there have been a growing number of reported cases of Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. It’s a consistent fear for humans to consider for them and their pets every time they head out on a nature hike, mow their lawn, or pretty much do anything outdoors in wooded areas.

Tick and Turf offers tick spraying services that will allow your family and friends to take full advantage of your property without while avoiding the dangers of ticks and the potential diseases that they carry. Our tick prevention services include a thorough examination of your lawn to locate the most likely places where ticks can potentially take refuge and breed.

We understand your home should be the safest place for you and your family. When your property is infested by hazardous pests such as ticks, that safe feeling is lost. Tick and Turf wants to restore peace of mind for your family, and permanently.

Last year we performed an organic tick spray program to a property in Oxford, CT. The owner of the property's dog had contracted Lyme's Disease from a tick bite, that he believed occurred on his property. With three children constantly playing in his yard and in the same areas he believed his dog contracted a disease infested tick, he was obviously concerned. He hired us to perform our Connecticut tick spraying and removal services and we administered our three season tick spray program. He has has not found a single tick on his property since.

In recent years, Connecticut has seen a dramatic increase in the amount of people reported to have been infected with Lyme's disease by a tick bite. Preventing ticks from inhabiting Connecticut properties, has been common topic of conversation among residents as the warmer months of spring and summer approach. Tick and Turf employs numerous practices to manage tick infestations and offers tick spray programs utilizing both conventional and organic products and practices that are designed to rid your property of ticks.

Our organic repellent program offers a custom blend of woody oils and a sticker that is sprayed on all lawn areas, flower beds, and property borders. It has an overall pleasant smell and has proven to be very effective in repelling ticks away. Tick and Turf's organic tick treatment program has been established through extensive testing of the tick spray products we utilize. Tick & Turf recommends an effective 3 spray program, in which a tick spray applicator is administered during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months that will completely eliminate all ticks in treated areas.

Tick and Turf offers tick spraying, full service landscaping, spring fertilization, deer repellent, tick & weed control, landscape design & maintenance, birch leaf miner, foliage sprays, deep root spraying, core aeration and much more to the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Southbury, Farifield, Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Oxford, Roxbury, Brookfield, Danbury, Waterbury and beyond.

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