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Tick Control & Extermination Services in Connecticut

​With all of the disease carrying insects, ticks, and pests inhabiting the Connecticut area, which can potentially infect your household with Lyme Disease, West Nile Virus, Zika Virus, or Powassan Virus, it is imperative that you take preemptive protective measures by contacting the Tick Control professionals at Tick and Turf in Connecticut for immediate assistance. We offer a comprehensive Tick Management Program, that will drastically reduce the amount of ticks and other pests on your property, which will ensure the safety of your household members and pets.  Our tick control programs can be customized to suit your property's needs and your budget.  Contact us today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule a quick no-cost quote! 


We are proud to offer two types of tick protection, an Organic Tick Spray and a Traditional Tick Spray. Tick & Turf recommends a 3 spray program for a tick free property.


Organic Tick Spray: This is a custom blend of woody oils and a sticker that is sprayed on all lawn areas, flower beds, and  property borders.

Traditional Tick Spray: You will experience immediate results, but treatments only take minutes to dry. Children and Pets can play as soon as it dries. This also is sprayed on all lawn areas, flower beds and property borders.



Spring Spray: (Highest Bite Risk) In the spring the applicator is targeting the nymph ticks that require two blood meals to grow into adult ticks. They can get there blood from adults, kids, pets, chipmunks, deer, and other animals.


Summer Spray: In the summer the applicator is targeting the adult tick. These ticks have re-entered or re-introduced to your property most commonly by deer, mice, chipmunks and other animals.


Fall Spray: In the fall the applicator is targeting pregnant ticks and other adult tick. Reducing the tick population in fall prevents a high spring outbreak when bite risk is at its highest.


Organic or Traditional Tick Control is very affordable. Your property is sprayed on a single, triple (recommended) or for the out of control tick population we offer an extra spray or two.

Tick and Turf offers Traditional and Organic tick spray programs that are designed to significantly reduce tick populations during the months these potentially dangerous pests are most active. The programs include Spring, Summer and Fall Season tick spray treatments.  Our licensed tick control technicians will target areas of your backyard that tick's will most likely inhabit including:

  • Ornamentals, tree leaves, bushes, and tree canopies

  • Under decks

  • Overgrown areas

  • Fence lines

  • Transitional areas

  • Other areas of concern

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