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Connecticut Weed Control Services 


Tick and Turf also offers a wide variety of lawn care and weed control services that will give you a thicker and greener turf, reduce weeds, and a healthier lawn, that will be less susceptible to the stress factors associated with extreme Connecticut weather conditions. We can customize a seasonal lawn care program that will allow your landscape to receive the proper nutrients to flourish, as well as a weed control program that will offer seasonal protection for your lawn.


Learn more about our  Lawn Care / Weed Control services below:

Lawn Care & Weed Control

Early Spring:  A blended fertilizer to promote color and vigor, pre-emergent crabgrass control, broadleaf weed control as needed.


Late Spring:  A blended fertilizer fortified with iron for enhanced color, pre-emergent crabgrass control (along edges), broadleaf weed control as needed.


Summer:  A blended fertilizer high in potash and fortified with iron to promote color and help turf survive summer stress, summer annual weed control, surface insect control as needed.


Early Fall:  A blended fertilizer high in nitrogen and potash to promote color and root development, broadleaf weed control as needed.


Late Fall:  A blended fertilizer to promote root growth and grass plant food storage over winter, allowing for a vibrant, healthier, greener lawn in the spring 


Grub Control:  Guaranteed season-long control using Merit(applied at the same time as either your Late Spring or Summer Service)


Lime:  Pelletized limestone to help correct soil acidity(raises soil pH so fertilizers are more effective)




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