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Brookfield, CT - Organic & Traditional Tick Spray Control Services

Deer ticks are extremely common in Connecticut and they can cause potential dangers for your family and pets. It is common knowledge that the deer tick is a carrier of Lyme disease, which is a bacterial infection that can cause muscle weakness, paralysis, and heart problems among other ailments. This is why you should seriously consider taking preventative measures by hiring a professional tick control specialist to remove ticks from your property and keep them off the bodies of your family members and pets.

When treating your lawn, it is important to understand the life cycle of a tick in order to provide the most effective treatment. The Spring time is the most important aspect of the tick's cycle and the time of year when you are at the highest risk to receive a bite. This is when the adult ticks are laying their eggs, which will eventually be born as larvae and will require two blood meals to grow into adult ticks. They can get there blood from adults, children, pets, chipmunks,deer, and other animals.

The Connecticut tick removal specialists at Tick and Turf will apply a spray to target the the nymph ticks, which is the stage of a tick's life-cycle that posses the greatest danger. Deer tick nymphs are extremely tiny and can hide in many different areas of your property. Before we begin our tick spray program (which is done with an organic or traditional tick spray) we will perform a tick draft, which will allow us to gain an estimate of how many ticks are inhabiting your lawn. Once we have completed the tick drag process, when then apply a tick spray to the perimeter of your property. The tick spray acts as a barricade, eliminating any ticks that it converges upon.

Connecticut properties that border large woods and fields present the highest risk to deer ticks. The Connecticut lawn care professionals at Tick and Turf have complied a list of some simple landscaping techniques that can help you reduce tick populations on your property.

  1. Maintain a well manicured property and mow your lawn on a consistent basis. Ticks love to hang out and lay their eggs in tall grass. It is very important to not allow your grass on your property to become over-grown.

  2. Another Southbury, Connecticut tick control technique you can utilize to make your property safer is to be certain that you do not over-water your lawn. Deer ticks rely heavily on water to survive and an over saturated lawn will become a breeding ground for larvae.

  3. Try to limit the amount of wildlife on your property. Wildlife such as squirrels, deer, raccoons and mice are prone to carry ticks on your property and potentially into your house. There are methods that you can apply that would reduce the appeal of your property for wildlife. You can avoid leaving trash outside or remove excess berries that may be growing on shrubs. It is important not to allow wildlife to create a shelter or nest under the sheds or decks of your property.

  4. Apply a pesticide to the perimeter of your house. If you are not keen to the idea of using pesticides, another option would be to apply cedar chips around your house. Cedar chips will not be as effective of a solution to repelling ticks as a pesticide but it is an attractive alternative to cover the ground around the shrubs and trees of your property.

The harsh reality of tick infestation is that even if you apply all of the techniques we mentioned above, you may still not fully exterminate ticks from your property. If this is the case, you can turn to the professional tick removal and pest control technicians at Tick and Turf. Based in Southbury, CT, we pride ourselves on our customer service and commitment to removing all ticks and pests from your landscape. Every new season bears the danger of the infestation of ticks onto your property. Be ready by contacting Tick and Turf to perform tick removal services. We offer year round tick spraying programs that will keep you and your family safe! Contact us today for a FREE consultation.

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