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Oxford, CT - Tick Control & Prevention - Tick Removal Near Me

Ticks can potentially transmit the pathogens for many human diseases and spread illnesses such as Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and Powassan Virus. The Oxford, CT area is a heavily wooded and rural location, making it susceptible for ticks to inhabit. Recent local studies have indicted that the Oxford area has been one of the leading locations in the state for reported cases of Lyme disease recently, and Connecticut is the one of leading states in the country for reported tick-borne illnesses. These tick-borne viruses are a serious health concern for Connecticut residents, reinforcing the requirement to hire a professional Connecticut Tick Control & Prevention specialist to perform tick spraying services.

Tick Pest Control and Prevention Services in Oxford, CT

It is just as crucial to treat your lawn to prevent ticks as it is perform routine mowing and maintenance. If you own pets, each time that they step outside and then re-enter your home, you run the risk of them bringing ticks into your home. Once a tick has attached and fed on a host, in many instances they will unattach themselves and and lay eggs in the crevices within your home. Hiring a professional to handle an an indoor tick infestation is a much more difficult and costly project that can take many months to successfully complete.

If you would like to create a protective barrier around your home to prevent ticks from invading your property, you can contact the Oxford Tick Control professionals at Tick and Turf for a no-cost estimate and consultation. Our consultation begins with a licensed specialist arriving at your property and performing a full inspection of your landscape. During the inspection process, we will locate the areas where ticks will most likely be inhabiting. Once these problem areas have been located, Tick and Turf will create a customized Organic or Traditional tick spray treatment program that will be most effective, while staying within your desired budget.

Tick and Turf's tick control service is designed for each season of the year and we understand the habits of ticks and when and where they will most likely to be a problem. Our specialists can perform follow-up treatment if necessary; whatever your property requires, we will do our best to provide witch complete customer satisfaction. We have built a reputation for being the premier tick control specialists in Connecticut and spare no effort to keep them at bay. Contact us today to schedule a no-cost estimate and consultation!

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