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Organic Tick Control CT - Tick Spraying & Prevention | Ridgefield, Danbury, CT

Hiring a professional to provide tick control services is very important in safeguarding your family and pets from being bitten by a tick and potentially infected with a tick-borne illnesses. Ticks can easily attach to you and can be difficult to notice on your body. They have the potential to spread very harmful diseases such as Lyme Disease and Powassan Virus, which can actually lead to death if not treated effectively. The Importance of Professional Tick Control Services In recent years, the tick population has surged throughout the state of Connecticut and there have been record cases of residents being infected with the Lyme Disease virus. Research indicates that the reasons for the rise of the tick population and reported cases of Lyme Disease is due to the increase in deer population as well as more homes being constructed in heavily wooded areas. The threat has continued to be in the spotlight, due to the Powaasson Virus, which can be circulated into a person's bloodstream by contaminated ticks in less than 20 minutes after it has dug through the skin. Based in Southbury, CT and servicing towns throughout Fairfield and New Haven Counties, Tick and Turf's tick spray control programs work to target ticks in areas they most commonly inhabit. Deer ticks typically enjoy areas of your landscape that are shaded or contain high levels of grass and debris. During our initial no-cost consultation, we will arrive at your property and perform a full assessment and evaluation of your landscape, to identify the tick hot spots, and from there we can create a customized tick control program. We can perform landscape cleanup services for your property by clearing overgrown areas, as well as pruning tree branches and shrubs. This will allow your property to receive a greater level of sunlight, which helps to deter ticks from inhabiting your landscape. Our organic and traditional tick spray repellents will be applied to the high-risk areas and perimeter of your landscape. Our tick control programs are both affordable and effective and can be customize to suit your requirement, while staying within your desired budget. If you are interested in having a tick-free property this spring and throughout the summer months, so that your family and guests can fully enjoy your property without the risk of contracting diseases from ticks, then contact the Southbury Tick Control Specialists at Tick and Turf for a no-cost consultation and estimate. We look forward to hearing from you!

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