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Newtown, Southbury, Woodbury, CT - Winter Deer Repellent Services

Deer are a beneficial resource in Connecticut in that they can provide natural visual enjoyment for onlookers as well as being the most popular big game hunting animal in the state for hunters. However within recent years, white-tailed deer are becoming more widespread, abundant, and increasing both their numbers and range in Connecticut. With stricter Connecticut hunting laws in place, the deer population has recently flourished, which have lead to many unfavorable issues amongst residents. This has contributed to the increased spread of lime disease, landscape and garden distruction, and the damage deer have caused from deer/vehicle collisions on our roads and highways. Higher deer populations and their insatiable feeding habits, have lead to damage to trees, shrubs, and gardens amongst many Connecticut residents as well.

Controlling the deer population on your property may appear to be an extremely disheartening task. There are many home remedy solutions and techniques advertised online that may appear to provide quick and inexpensive relief. However, like most investments into the health of your landscape property, deer damage prevention must be considered as a long term commitment that requires implementing a management strategy, which prevents deer from coming on your property and destroying your valuable landscape.

Tick & Turf LLC is a family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured company providing tick repellent services to all of Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut. Our deer repellent application services are effective in reducing deer damage to your property by making the desired plant or tree taste and smell unattractive to deer. We utilize DeerPro repellent which is the longest lasting and most effective deer repellent available on the market. Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, DeerPro does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. DeerPro will provide you with up to six months of protection from deer. One spray application as early as October will still be protecting your trees and shrubs into early spring.

Our deer repellent spray program is highly effective in preventing deer from destroying your landscape and spreading Lyme disease on your property. We can apply our DeerPro deer repellent spray to your Connecticut property on a seasonal basis throughout the year. One application of DeerPro will be effective throughout the entire Winter season. One spray as early as October protects woody ornamental plants such as rhododendrons, azaleas, hemlocks and pine all winter long. Your landscape will be fully protected for over six months - all the way until April, when the deer diet changes to feeding on broad leaf weeds, annuals, and perennials.

The destruction caused by a deer's feeding habits is typically very obvious. Deer tracks are the familiar cloven-hoof type. Because deer do not have upper incisors, they tear plants when they feed on them, rather than making a clean cut like mole or rabbit. Deer will typically invade your garden and bite into any available fruits or vegetables, leaving behind tooth marks in the fruits that can eventually rot.

If you are fed up with deer destroying your landscape and posing a potential risk for Lyme disease to your family, contact the Connecticut deer repellent professionals at Tick and Turf today for a free consultation. If you would like to learn more about our seasonal deer repellent application services, click here to visit our deer repellent services page. Our goal is to keep your landscape safe, looking great and make sure your trees and plants are not damaged by these invasive animals. We look forward to assisting you!

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