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Southbury, CT | Spring Fertilizing | Full-Service Lawn Care | Yard Cleanup

Tick and Turf, LLC provides spring fertilizing and full-service lawn care in Southbury and surrounding towns. Your Southbury lawns will benefit greatly from obtaining nutrients from the soil to grow and remain healthy through the spring and summer seasons. During the growing season, they often require help from an effective Southbury lawn fertilizer program from Tick and Turf. Our high quality lawn fertilizer application encourages turf blade and root growth, boosting lawn density and eliminating weeds in the process. Contact us today at 203-232-7285 to schedule a no-cost consultation!

Fertilize Your Lawn in Spring in Southbury, CT

Fertilizer is imperative for maintaining vibrant, relatively weed, and disease-free lawn. The timing of fertilizer application and its quality along with the amount of fertilizer applied are crucial components in properly managing your turf. The purpose of lawn fertilization is to provide nutrients to encourage healthy active turf growth and to help overcome stressors such as excessive heat, drought, weeds, and grubs, and pests.

Tick and Turf of Southbury offer a range of lawn care fertilizations packages to feed your turf’s root system, restore patches of dirt and dead grass and keep pests such as insects and weeds from overtaking your lawn. When you hire Tick and Turf for your Southbury lawn care needs, you’ll be amazed at how beautiful your yard is.

The Spring season is a very competitive time for your grass, because the weeds are seeking the same nutrients your lawn requires to thrive. Using Tick and Turf's Southbury grass fertilization services, our late spring organic-based fertilizer will fill the void and give your lawn the food it needs to become vibrant and beautiful.

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