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Newtown, CT | Best Tick Control Company Near Me | Tick Spray Service in Newtown

Even the most thoroughly maintained landscape in Connecticut can be infested with ticks. Many people are of the understand that ticks will only populate heavily wooded areas, when the truth is that they can inhabit all parts of the state, even within city boundaries. Based in Southbury, CT and serving the following and surrounding towns of Newtown, Monroe, Brookfield, Bethel, Bethany, Oxford, Seymour, Prospect, Cheshire, Watertown and beyond, Tick and Turf provides professional Connecticut Tick Control Applications for residential and commercial property owners.

Tick and Turf provides tick control services that targets specific areas of your landscape where ticks will most likely inhabit and breed. We utilize an organic or traditional tick spray treatments that effectively infiltrate into leaf litter, crevices, ground covers, woodpiles and other locations where ticks will typically populate. A tick bite is often painless, it can be extremely difficult to notice initially, which makes you even more susceptible to some of the common diseases associated with tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Powassan Virus.

While it is difficult to completely eliminate each individual tick from your property, Tick and Turf's comprehensive tick control program, in concurrence with landscape maintenance practices, can drastically lower your family’s exposure to these potentially dangerous pests and the diseases that they carry. By taking the necessary precautions of mowing your lawn constantly and raking leaves, staking wood in dry area and installing deer fencing, you can offer an extra layer of protection for family and pets.

Tick and Turf treat your yard with a tick treatment application that can be customized to suit your needs, while staying within your predetermined budget. Research has indicated with professional Connecticut Tick Control Services the population of these pests can be reduced to over 90%. If you are seeking a Bathroom Remodeling Service in Newtown, CT, we recommend Kling Brother's Builders. If you are looking for the best Southbury tick control services near me, look no further than Tick and Turf. Contact us today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule a no-cost consultation and estimate!


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