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CT Tick Spray Service | Tick Control Near Me

Tick and Turf approaches Tick Control in Connecticut with a team of experienced professionals who are knowledgeable of the biology of ticks and their habits. We offer a no-cost consultation, so we can discuss your needs and the best way to obtain them by. Our tick spray services include organic and traditional spray treatments for areas in which ticks will most likely inhabit on your property, including under decks, along fences, heavily wooded areas, and lawns.

Our tick control specialists use a high-grade tick spray formula, in combination with a multi-step process, which works to eradicates ticks from your property. Our selection of tick control services will work to reduce your existing tick issues. We also provide ongoing tick control service treatments that prevent ticks from coming back. Tick and Turf of Connecticut offers comprehensive tick control programs, which will effectively reduce your ongoing tick problem quickly.

Deer tick bites can put your family and pets at risk for contracting Lyme disease, which can create flu-like symptoms and long-term health problems. In addition to Lyme disease, ticks can transmit other health threatening viruses such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Powassan virus. Also, ticks cause and inflame skin irritation, which can cause infections in people as well as animals. Tick and Turf can help prevent these health threats to your family with a comprehensive lawn treatment for ticks. If you are seeking Stratford Asphalt Paving Services, we recommend D&B Paving Contractors.

The tick population in Connecticut has been on a steady rise over the coarse of the last 10 years, and studies have proven that ticks are developing a resistance to common over-the-counter treatment options. Tick and Turf is committed to much more than lowering the chances of infection for you and your family, we want to protect your Connecticut home completely. We can design a custom tick removal program that will best suit our customers individual needs, while staying within your budget. Contact us today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule a no-cost estimate and consultation!

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