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Best Tick Treatment Service in Connecticut | Tick Spray Service CT

Tick and Turf is available to protect you and your family from ticks in the Connecticut. Our tick control specialists use a traditional or organic barrier spray and can customize a tick control plan that will best suit your requirements an budget. Our tick treatments are considered most comprehensive form of defense against ticks in Connecticut. Our seasonal barrier tick spray services are effective in exterminating ticks on contact and will significantly lower the population of ticks on your property.

With help from Tick and Turf, you can prevent of any tick issues on your landscape this spring and summer season. You can take the following preventive measures this season by utilizing the following methods:

  • Maintain your turf by having it consistently mowed and trees pruned.

  • Relocate wood stockpiles away from your house or facility.

  • Keep your pets on a leash and avoid heavily wooded areas where tick activity is more prevalent.

  • Relocate children play areas away from heavily wooded locations.

  • When you are walking through wooded areas, where clothing that does not expose your skin.

  • Wash clothing and shower and inspect your children or pets for ticks.

There are multiple reasons why our clients hire us for our seasonal tick treatment programs, but reason on the top of their lists is usually to protect their family and friends from the threat of Lyme disease. In recent years, Lyme disease infections in Connecticut has been on a steady rise. It can potentially cause a lifetime of ill-effects for sufferers. Young children and pets are most susceptible to becoming infected with tick-borne illnesses, simply because they will spend a great deal of time outdoors in heavily wooded areas.

Tick and Turf's treatment targets areas of your landscape where ticks are most likely to inhabit, such as trees and shrubs, other shaded areas, and breeding-site mitigation in order to deliver the best possible results. If you are seeking a Southbury Fence Contractor, we highly recommend Elite Property and Fence of Roxbury, CT. For more information about Tick Control Services in Connecticut, you can contact us at (203) 232-7285 to schedule a no-cost estimate and consultation!

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