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Connecticut Tick Spray Services | Danbury | Ridgefield | Bethel

Tick and Turf of Connecticut offers tick spray service that will protect you and your family from ticks. We will apply a spray to target the nymph ticks, which is the stage of a tick's life-cycle that posses the greatest danger. Deer tick nymphs are extremely tiny and can hide in many different areas of your property. Before we begin our Danbury, CT Tick Spray Program (which is done with an organic or traditional tick spray) we will perform a tick draft, which will allow us to gain an estimate of how many ticks are inhabiting your lawn. Once we have completed the tick drag process, we then apply a tick spray to the perimeter of your property. The tick spray acts as a barricade, eliminating any ticks that it converges upon.

Tick and Turf's tick control service is designed for each season of the year and we understand the habits of ticks and when and where they will most likely to be a problem. Our specialists can perform follow-up treatment if necessary; whatever your property requires, we will do our best to provide witch complete customer satisfaction. We have built a reputation for being the premier Danbury, CT Tick Control specialists in Connecticut and spare no effort to keep them at bay.

Tick & Turf LLC is a family owned and operated, fully licensed and insured company providing tick repellent services to all of Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut. Our deer repellent application services are effective in reducing deer damage to your property by making the desired plant or tree taste and smell unattractive to deer. We utilize DeerPro Repellent in Danbury, CT which is the longest lasting and most effective deer repellent available on the market. Unlike other deer sprays that last only a few weeks, DeerPro does not need to be reapplied in the snow and ice of winter. DeerPro will provide you with up to six months of protection from deer. One spray application as early as October will still be protecting your trees and shrubs into early spring.

To receive a no-cost estimate and consultation, you can contact Tick and Turf and a licensed tick removal technician will arrive at your property and provide a full inspection and assessment. During the inspection, we will locate potential problem locations to target around your landscape. Once the potential source of your tick issue has been located, we will develop a custom tick control plan that will best suit your requirements, while staying within your desired budget. Tick and Turf offers year-round tick control programs that will ensure that your property will be tick free, so that you and your family can remain safe and protected. You can contact us today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule a no-cost estimate and consultation!

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