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Connecticut Full Service Lawn Care & Landscape Maintenance Services | Southbury, Newtown, CT

The Connecticut summer season ushers in beautiful days of mild weather and allows us to spend time outdoors doing activities in our yards all day. It is also a time when many hours must be spent performing maintenance to your lawn and landscape. While many Southbury area homeowners have a firm grasp of landscape maintenance and lawn care, many do not have the knowledge, machinery, or time to put into maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Based in Southbury, CT, Tick and Turf provides professional lawn care services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the Newtown, Oxford, Brookfield, Middlebury, and surrounding areas. In this month's article, we discuss some tips and strategies that you can utilize to ensure that your landscape will increase your curb appeal and be the envy of your neighborhood.

Lawn Mowing: During the summer season, your lawn will greater benefit if it is not cut too short. Before you set out to mow your lawn, you should adjust your blades to a high level. When the blades of your grass are high, they will be capable of retaining a greater amount of sunlight, which they will use to cultivate a greater level of nutrients and moisture within their roots and encompassing soil.

Fertilization & Seeding: Performing fertilization to your lawn at the start of the spring season as well as before winter season is very important to the health of your turf. Lawn Fertilizer works with crucial nutrients in dirt. In order to have a vibrant lawn you'll need great soil quality. Fertilizer restores and replenishes the requirements your lawn needs for a beautiful appearance.

If you have areas of your grass that are not growing efficiently, then seeding will most likely be required. You should only have to seed one time and maintain regular watering regimen on the compromised areas and you should see some improvements some growth within a couple of weeks.

Watering: Keeping your lawn consistently hydrated is a key component to maintaining growth and health for your lawn. During the summer season, every area of your lawn and landscape should receive at least an inch of water each week. It is important to hydrate your lawn in the morning and not to over saturate your lawn with water.

Locally owned and operated in Southbury, Tick and Turf has been providing high quality lawn care services for almost 20 years to residential and commercial property owners throughout the area. We understand that each landscape is unique and We take a tremendous amount of pride in providing our customers with lush healthy lawns. Whether we are repairing a bare spot, seeding a new lawn or reseeding an existing one, we make sure you have the right kind of grass for our Connecticut climate. Our experienced and knowledge landscape maintenance crews are available with weekly, biweekly or one-time only arrangements using modern equipment and lawn care methods. Contact us at (203) 232-7285 for a free estimate for all of your lawn care needs.

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