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Organic, Natural Deer Repellent Solutions for Your Connecticut Landscape & Property

White-tailed deer can be easily found in the forested areas of Connecticut. They are herbivorous and will feed on a large selection of herbaceous and woody plants, which are common in the Fairfield and New Haven County areas of the state. It is estimated that a fully grown white-tailed deer will consume up to fifty pounds of food over the coarse of a weeks time, depending on the time of the year.

The majority of Connecticut residents may find it to be a pleasant experience watching deer grazing in a field as they pass by in their car. However, when the deer have invaded your property and are doing damage to your costly landscape flowers, garden beds, trees or shrubs, it can be a very different story. With the steady increase of the deer population in the Southbury and Fairfield regions of Connecticut in recent years, deer sightings have become more prevalent on properties. This has led to an increase in deer damage incidents to landscapes and the spread of tick-borne diseases among people and pets.

Identifying Deer Damage on Your Landscape

The plants that deer tend to enjoy consuming most can be annuals, perennials, and trees/shrubs. If you have noticed damages to the leaves of your landscape plants, there are a couple of clues that will indicate whether it is deer that is causing the damage. As you inspect the leaves and twigs of your plants, if you notice that the foliage has damaged rough edges and is located at a level above 4 feet off of the ground, it is very possible it occurred from deer grazing.

Connecticut Deer Repellent Services

There are multiple commercially products available that will help you to protect your landscape from deer damage. Repellents can be powerful tool in preventing deer from invading your property, especially when applied by a licensed Connecticut deer repellent specialist.

Based in Southbury, CT and serving residential and commercial property owners throughout Connecticut, Tick and Turf provides DeerPro deer repellent services, that will offer your perennials, shrubs, ornamentals and landscaping the protection it needs to remain healthy year round. DeerPro Repellents are professional grade products, which are only available to licensed commercial applicators. Tick and Turf's professional spray services ensures complete coverage and the best possible results.

Tick and Turf offers customized Spring and Summer season DeerPro spray application packages. Contact us today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule your no-cost consultation and estimate.

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