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Connecticut Tick & Lyme Disease Information: What You Need to Know

This past year has been a very busy year for us, as the state of Connecticut has experienced a rise in the tick population. Many residents in the towns of our area such as Oxford, Newtown, Monroe, believe that the majority of ticks are not capable of making it through the winter due to the cold temperatures and heavy snowfalls. The fact of the matter is that they are still out there and the potential of getting bitten and infected with a tick-born illness is still very possible.

Take Preventative Measures to Avoid Ticks

Ticks are very robust and are capable to adapting to very warm as well as freezing temperatures. Some of the typical locations where you can find ticks are heavily wooded ares or spaces of your landscape which contain high grass or leaf accumulation. Most regions of Connecticut are considered high risk for Lyme Disease and other tick-borne illnesses. If you live in heavily wooded area of Connecticut, or enjoy hiking in the many state park trails, there are a few basic measures you can take to provide greater protection from ticks.

For the ultimate protection against ticks and the potential diseases they may carry, contact the Tick Spray professionals at Tick and Turf. Our comprehensive Connecticut Tick Control program targets ticks where they inhabit. Deer Ticks enjoy shaded areas of your landscape and seek protection by hiding locations such as high grasses, underbrush, shrubs and wooded areas. If you are looking to rid your landscape of ticks, contact Tick and Turf of Southbury, CT today to schedule your no cost estimate and consultation!

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