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Winter Tick Sprays & Tick Protection - Fairfield, Westport, CT

Many Connecticut residents are under the false understanding that the majority of deer ticks are killed off due to the cold temperatures of the winter season. However, even on a very cold winter day, ticks can continue to remain active. Last year in Connecticut over it was estimated that approximately ninety-five percent of deer ticks were able to live through the winter season due to warmer seasonal temperatures. As the warmer temperatures continued to rise into the spring season, the abundance of ticks were widely noticeable among Connecticut residents.

Unfortunately, with each passing year the instances of Lyme Disease across the state of Connecticut continues to increase. This is partially due to warmer winter seasons and new residential developments in heavily wooded areas. In order to protect your household from deer ticks, you can hire the tick spray application professionals at Tick and Turf to apply our winter organic or traditional spray applications.

Based in Southbury, CT, Tick and Turf offers a customized Tick Management Program, that will greatly lower the amount of ticks and other pests on your property, which will ensure the safety of your household members and pets throughout the Connecticut winter season and into the spring. We will combine our tick spray management strategies with preventative tick landscaping services such as yard cleanup in order to provide you with superior results.

Contact Tick and Turf today at (203) 232-7285 to schedule your no cost estimate and consultation. We will create a program that is designed to completely eliminate ticks from your property. We employ a team of professionals that will develop a customized tick treatment program that will best suit your requirements and budget.

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