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Warm Winter May Bring More Lyme Disease, Ticks to Connecticut

Overall, the 2017 winter season has been one of the most mild Connecticut winters on record. Accompanying the warmer temperatures of the winter season, comes the arrival of ticks in the area at an earlier time of the year and in greater proportions. Many Connecticut residents believe that one of the greatest benefits of the cold winter season, is that it will keep pesky bugs and ticks at bay. However, this relatively warm winter has created an environment for ticks to arrive earlier and with that, your risks of getting bitten and infected with Lyme disease will increase substantially as the even warmer spring season weather approaches.

Ticks bring with them the risk of Lyme disease for both pets and humans. Symptoms of Lyme disease include fever, headache, fatigue, skin rash, and muscle and/or joint pain that can last for weeks. Research that has been conducted by the state Department of Health and Human Services, indicate that ticks that early stage ticks are more active during the spring season, while more mature ticks are more active in the fall season. Ticks that are in their early stages of development are more likely to carry Lyme disease and are the greatest threat to infecting humans and pets with the disease. It is recommended that in order to provide protection for yourself and family members, protective clothing is worn and tick repellent that contains DEET is utilized to prevent infection.

The most effective way to protect your yourself and family from disease carrying ticks is to hire a professional Tick Spray Removal company to perform their tick spraying services, which will drastically reduce the amount of ticks from inhabiting your property. In 2016, Connecticut has had the highest rate of Lyme disease per capita in the nation for years, and that number is projected to rise this year. This fact has not only had a consequential impact on the human population of Connecticut. Because of warming winters, veterinarians have started encouraging pet owners to treat their dogs for ticks year-round everywhere except far northern regions in New England. Pet owners are already removing ticks, and pets often bring ticks inside homes.

Based in Southbury, CT and servicing residential and commercial property owners throughout Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties in Connecticut, Tick and Turf offers a Tick Prevention Service that lowers the potential of tick entry into your property by specifically targeting the locations throughout the property where ticks are more likely to inhabit and cultivate. Our experienced tick removal technicians will arrive at your property to survey the area and asses your requirements based on your landscape and the encompassing area. Based on this, we will target treatment in the areas where ticks are already living. Call Tick and Turf today at (203) 232-7285 to learn more about our Connecticut Tick Prevention Service.

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