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Best Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Services - Newtown, Brookfield, CT

For property owners throughout Connecticut, the spring season is typically spent adding new plants, and fertilizer as well as pruning, and performing additional measures to perfect your lawn in order to develop your landscape to its greatest potential. As the summer months approach and once cold weather becomes hot and dry, it is time to switch your focus. It is essential that you give your lawn the proper amount of attention and support to stay healthy all summer long. In addition to the hot and dry weather, another hazard for your lawn during the warmer months is that it sees a lot more action. In order to survive the heat and heavy foot traffic your lawn needs the right amount of nutrients.

If your landscape is in need of attention this summer look no further than Tick and Turf located in Southbury. Our Connecticut lawn care professionals have years of experience and know just how to treat your yard to make sure it is in tip top shape all year long and the best looking in the neighborhood. Our services include but are not limited to fertilization, aeration, irrigation, mowing mulching, sod installations and more!

At Tick and Turf we understand the importance of maintaining your lawns beauty and health. In addition to looking nice it also increases the value of your property. During the peak of Connecticut’s summer heat you may notice that your lawn’s once vibrant and healthy looking green begins to fade and develop brown patches. To service dry conditions north east summer your lawn requires regular and sufficient amounts of watering and attention. With Tick and Turfs ongoing maintenance plan and irrigation system you can rest easy knowing that we have got your lawn covered and it will be healthy all summer long.

Mowing your lawn is a demanding and often time consuming task. However your lawn’s health with suffer if it is not done on a regular basis. Particularly in the summer months it is important not to take any shortcuts by cutting your lawn too close because this will make the plants even more suspect able to the hot sun. In fact it is recommended that during the summer months you raise your mower’s blade to 1-½ inches because the taller grass is less venerable to harsh conditions. This also will allow your grass to grow deeper roots. Before doing any mowing make sure that you inspect your blades and that they are adequately sharp to reduce further stress on your lawn. When blades are too dull rather then cutting grass you risk accidentally ripping it out of the ground. At Tick and Turf our ongoing maintenance plan includes regular aeration, fertilization and of course mowing.

Each property we care for at Tick and Turf is unique and has it’s own needs. For this reason we offer a free evaluation and recommendation for every lawn we work with. Our patience packages are completely customized to fit your property while staying within your budget. When you purchase a package you are ensuring that your lawn will be fully cared for by a licensed and insured expert for the entire season. They will be on call if there are any issues and guarantee that your lawn will remain vivacious and healthy all season long and through out the year. Spring is coming soon so don’t hesitate! Call us today at 203-232-7285 for a free consultation.

Tick and Turf offers tick spraying, full service landscaping, spring fertilization, deer repellent, tick & weed control, landscape design & maintenance, birch leaf miner, foliage sprays, deep root spraying, core aeration and much more to the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Southbury, Fairfield, Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Oxford, Roxbury, Brookfield, Danbury, Monroe, Shelton, Waterbury and beyond.

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