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DeerPro Deer Repellent Spray Protection | Newtown, Brookfield, CT

In recent years, the deer population has been on a steady rise in the New Haven and Fairfield County area. If you live in a heavily wooded area, with a reservoir or water source in the area, chances are that you encounter deer on a daily basis. Over the coarse of the Connecticut winter season, deer will lose access to food within the woods, so they will invade the landscapes of property owners in order to satisfy their appetites and survive. Deer can be considered intelligent animals, and seem to know exactly the time of year when property owners begin to develop their landscapes with new trees, shrubs, and plants and when to attack.

Deer can wreak havoc on your property and potentially cost you a great deal of money by damaging the investment you made into your landscape. In order to protect your landscape, you can hire the DeerPro Deer Repellent application professionals at Tick and Turf. Based in Southbury, CT and servicing nearby towns such as Newtown, Monroe, Oxford, and Fairfield, Tick and Turf offers Deer Repellent programs that will ensure that your landscape will be safe-guarded from invasive deer.

Tick and Turf offers deer repellent services using the DeerPro, which is the leading and most effective deer spray repellent on the market. We can perform a throughout application of DeerPro on your landscape in the early Fall season and all of the plants, trees, and shrubs of your landscape will remain protected from deer grazing throughout the winter months. The majority of other commercial deer repellent products on the market will require multiple applications to be administered every few months throughout the year. However, DeerPro will require just a couple of applications in order to remain effective and offer solid protection for your landscape.

Tick and Turf's DeerPro deer repellent spray services have been satisfying property owners in Connecticut from Newtown to Stamford for many years. When a deer encounters a plant, tree, or shrub, which has been treated with DeerPro, they will be immediately dissuaded from consuming the plant and turn away. We have included a testimonial from one of our recently satisfied clients below:

"I'm writing this review to acknowledge Tick and Turf's outstanding tick and deer repellent services. I hired Mike and his team to perform his services last spring and all I can say is...It Works!" B. Ziegler - Oxford, CT google reviews

Tick and Turf's seasonal deer repellent program will be effective in preventing deer from consuming your plants, however, it will not be effective in deterring deer from entering your property. As you are most likely aware, deer have the potential of transporting "deer ticks" on your property, which can put your family members and pets at risk of contracting the dreaded Lyme Disease. In order to offer protection to your family from Tick's, we recommend that you inquire about our comprehensive Tick Spray Program.

Damage incurred from deer grazing has become a very large problem for commercial and residential property owners throughout the state of Connecticut. Over recent years, the deer population has continued to rise and the problem has only gotten worse. Many Connecticut property owners invest a great deal of money in order to increase their curb appeal, which will provide a great source of food for deer and cost you a great deal of money in landscape damages. Based in Southbury, CT, Tick and Turf has the experience and tools to be the solution to your deer damage issue. Contact us today at (203) 232-7285

Tick and Turf offers DeePro Deer Repellant Services and Tick Spraying Services to the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Newtown, Southbury, Fairfield, Ansonia, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Oxford, Roxbury, Brookfield, Seymour, Waterbury, Prospect, Danbury, Monroe, Shelton, Waterbury and beyond.

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