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Tick Spray & Deer Repellent Services | Woodbury, Roxbury, New Milford, CT

Supported by the Lyme Disease Foundation, Lyme Disease Awareness Month is an organized course of action which advances the deterrent measures, which can be taken to help prevent Lyme disease. Lyme disease is an intense provocative disease brought on by the bite of a contaminated tick. It is characterized at first by a rash, migraine, fever, and chills, and later by conceivable joint inflammation and neurological and heart issues, brought on by microbes that are transmitted by ticks.

As we enter the Spring season, temperatures across Connecticut are beginning to rise, and tick activity is increasing substantially. If you would like to eliminate ticks on your property, you can contact the Connecticut Tick Control experts at Tick and Turf to perform professional tick spraying services. Our tick spraying services are extremely compelling at eliminating disease carrying ticks from your encompassing area.

The majority of pet owners will take the necessary precautions of protecting them from ticks, however, many do not consider protecting their landscapes by hiring a professional tick spray service to perform their services. Regardless of how manicured and healthy your lawn looks, it can be harboring the most unsafe aggravations of mosquitoes and ticks. Bugs and ticks are scandalous for conveying undermining malady that can altogether hurt your household pets and family members. Accordingly, insects and ticks can and will harbor in your yard unless you take the necessary precautions, such as hiring Tick and Turf to implement our seasonal Tick Spray Program. Treat your grass from these unsafe pests and make the most out of a safe and sheltered summer for your family and pets!

Ticks should be considered security issue to your family and pets. Ticks are thought to be prevalent bearers of disease. They are little and stealthy and regularly go unnoticed until it is too late. While they don't bounce or fly, their regular habitat permits them the ideal access to their prey. They drop from trees or cover up in the grass sitting tight for deer, canines and people to approach enough to lock onto. Ticks can go the length of 200 days without sustenance or water and can live the length of 2 years. On typical landscapes, 82% of deer ticks have been found inside 9 feet of the gardens edge, particularly ranges adjoining woods, stonewalls, or elaborate plantings.

As indicated by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the state of Connecticut has the one of the most astounding occurrences of Lyme Disease in the country and the heavily wooded areas of New Haven and Fairfield Counties are especially susceptible. Tick and Turf has a seasonal tick spray program which will shield your family and pets from ticks by performing the following services:

Property examination: Tick and Turf will arrive at your location and perform a full evaluation and a danger appraisal of your property to distinguish tick risk zones and build up a customized tick control program.

Tree Service: Ticks enjoy shaded areas and avoid exposure to the sun. The Tick and Turf team can dispense of shady tick living spaces by: tidying up and/or clearing congested territories; and, pruning tree limbs and bushes around the grass edge to let in more daylight.

Deer Repellant: Deer are the essential transporter of ticks to your property. Contact us today to learn more about our Deer Repellent administrations. It's sheltered, well disposed to advantageous bugs, unscented, water-safe and deer can't endure it!

Tick Control Treatments: Tick and Turf utilizes an organic and traditional tick spray that will treat high hazard territories with a focused on pesticide application in late Spring, Summer, and Fall months. Extra applications might be required in zones with most elevated tick populaces.

Plant Selection: We will distinguish plants that are pulling in deer to your yard and recommend plants, which will help to reduce the attraction of deer.

Are you concerned about ticks and the dangers that they can pose to your family and pets? Contact Tick and Turf today at 203-232-7285 for a free consultation and estimate!

Tick and Turf offers tick spraying, full service landscaping, spring fertilization, deer repellent, tick & weed control, landscape design & maintenance, birch leaf miner, foliage sprays, deep root spraying, core aeration and much more to the following towns and surrounding areas in Connecticut: Southbury, Farifield, Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, Westport, New Canaan, Ridgefield, Oxford, Roxbury, Brookfield, Cheshire, Waterbury, Beacon Falls, Danbury, Monroe, Shelton, Waterbury and beyond.

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