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Tree & Shrub Care, Installation, Maintenance

Tree Care & Installations - Based in Southbury, CT, Tick and Turf is a full service tree installation and maintenance company, which is capable of planting and caring for trees of all sizes and types.  From pruning to stump grinding, Tick and Turf provides residential and commercial tree services for property owners throughout the New Haven, Fairfield, and Litchfield County areas and beyond.  We possess the necessary knowledge and experience, and utilize modern machinery and tools to ensure that your tree installation is performed in a safe and successful manner.  Beyond tree care and installation, we also provide tree removal services.  Contact us today to have a hazardous tree removed from your landscape.  We can successful remove any diseased or damage trees or tree limbs that can pose a potential danger.  We also provide emergency storm damage tree removal services.


Shrub Care & Installations - Tick and Turf offers expert shrub care and installation services that will ensure the shrubs and plants of your landscape remain healthy and flourishing throughout the year.  We are very knowlegeable of the potential dangers in the Connecticut area that will leave your shrubs and plants succeptable to disease.  We can monitor your landscape for any invasive pests or insects that may be causing damages and provide the necessary treatments.  Tick and Turf's tree and shrub care services will be customzied to provide the proper nutrients and protection for the specific species of plant, which will enhance it's overhall health and growth.  We undertand that the landscape of your property is an investment, and we take the appropriate meausres to ensure that your investment remains protected.  Beyond providing tree and shrub care, we also provide the following additional landscape services.

 Additional Landscaping Services

Serving ALL of Fairfield County, New Haven County & Litchfield County

Dormant Oil Spray - Tick and Turf's dormant oil spray application services are a very effective method of preventing many types of insects and pests from invading your landscape and causing disease and damage issues. Horticultural oil is most efficient when applied in the early spring season and a potent solution to control pets that "winter over" on the trees, shrubs, and plants of your landscape. Tick and Turf's Dormant oil application is non-toxic and environmentally safe. Hiring us to implement a thorough dormant oil application during the early spring season can offer a level of protection for your trees and shrubs and ensure that they remain healthy, which will reduce the requirement for additional pesticides later in the season.


Foliar Sprays - In conjunction with our Dormant Oil Spray applications, Tick and Turf also uses a Foliar Spray that works to defend your trees and shrubs from disease spreading insects that can cause great harm. The insecticides, Sevin and Tempo, are used to control many insects infesting trees, including aphids and caterpillars. Tick and Turf's foliar spray services are an effective way to invigorate your trees and plants and assist in providing a quick and effective remedy for any stress or disease they may be experiencing. Depending on the condition of your landscape, two applications may be needed for best results.


Birch Leaf Miner - The birch leaf miner is a tiny white worm, which inhabits itself in the birch leaf of a tree and makes the leaf wither away and eventually fall in the late spring and early summer season. They are among the most recurrent insects causing damage to landscape trees and shrubs in the Connecticut region. To protect your landscape from the dangerous infestation of the birch leaf miner, Tick and Turf offers root injections of Merit in the early spring season. Once applied to the root system of your tree, Merit is channeled through your tree and into the leaf tissue.


Spring Fertilizing - The spring season is an opportune time to provide fertilization for your turf. It is important to build a solid foundation during this time of the year so that your lawn will remain vibrant through the hot and dry summer season. Tick and Turf provides spring fertilization services that provide the proper nutrients and allow your root system be powerful and withstand the harsh weather elements as well as the heavy foot traffic that the summer season generates. Your garden plants can also benefit from the addition of nutrients to the soil as they begin their annual growth season. Light fertilizing can promote healthy growth and increase flower and berry production.


Deep Root Feeding - For the most part, developed trees will possess the necessary level of nutrients that are embedded in your soil in order to sustain natural growth and remain healthy. However, if you have a newer tree or a tree that is diseased, it can greatly benefit from deep root feedings through soil injections of fertilizer. Tick Turf will assess the health of your tree and apply the necessary levels of fertilizer, which will allow it to fight off disease caused by pests and allow your tree to sustain a healthy structure.


Summer Pruning -  Over the coarse of the summer season, the trees and shrubs of your landscape will have developed new growth. Hiring Tick and Turf to perform summer pruning services will assist in increasing the health of your landscape as well as enhancing the beauty of your property.


Core Aeration -  The process of Core Aeration involves the extraction of miniature cores of soil out of your turf. It assists in breaking up compressed soil and enables rain water and nutrients to be more accessible to the root system of the grass. It an essential practice because grass that is growing in heavily compacted soil will grow at a slow pace and will may appear thin. Aeration will hydrate dry patches of turf, advocate new growth, and give your landscape a much more healthy and vibrant appearance. Tick and Turf's core aeration process utilizes the most modern machinery and techniques, which allow your lawn to absorb the required levels of oxygen, water, and nutrients that it needs in order to remain healthy. It is also a vital part of repairing and restoring your lawn to it's optimal level.

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